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Work From Home hairdos!

The world is adjusting and adapting to the new norms of working from the comfort of their homes in the wake of this global pandemic that has befallen us.

But just because you aren't stepping out of your home doesn't mean you can't style yourself up and look presentable.

So kick it up in style with 5 quick and easy hairdos for your next work from home meetings and staying in nights!

1. Side Fish Braid

This simple yet elegant side fish braid is the easiest yet the most flawless hairstyle which makes it perfect for a lazy work from home meeting day. All you have to do is take a partition from the front side of your hair and make a small fish braid

on one side of your hair and voila!

2. Textured ponytail

you can never go wrong with a ponytail! it is the simplest most elegant hairdo and requires no efforts at all which makes it the perfect quick go to for a busy day.

Just take partition of your hair at the front and puff it up a little. go on and continue to tie your ponytail with a little rough texture and you are all set.

3. Beach Waves and Side Fishtail

beach waves and fishtails never go out of style! try out this easy hairdo by making a full fishtails on your regular beachy waves for a textured and more subtle look.

4. Half Crown Braid

this is a 2 minute hairstyle (but no one needs to know that) just make two braids, one on each side of the hair. Then combine them together behind your hair and tie them up together with pins.

5. Bow Bun

Gather all of your hair on the top of your head and start a ponytail with an elastic. Loop your hair through the elastic and on the last pull through, don’t pull your hair all the way through and instead create a loop. divide your loop into two halves. take the ends/tail of your hair and fold it back through the space in your two looped halves, creating the center ‘knot’ part of the bow and secure the ends in the elastic behind the bow in the back of your head.

Now that you know how to master these hairdos , go ahead and try some of them out or better yet, all of them!

by Anjali Samant