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Winter Warmth 2021

From fur coats to layers, here’s how to keep your inner stylist warm and comfortable for the months to come.

The year of 2020 saw people working from homes, only stepping out for necessities. But as the world is getting back on its feet and gaining momentum, with people heading back to work and stepping out to socialise, the most important question arises, which is none other than ‘what to wear’. And with the winter kicking in at full speed it is necessary to find outfits that are comfortable and stylish, but give you warmth at the same time.

Here are some Winter Fashion Ideas and Tips to help you make the most of this season:


The best way to inculcate cold weather and fashion is to gather up some layers.

Mix and match various clothes and accessories to find your comfort. We at Fexy suggest pairing up a t shirts with denim jacket and added trench coats. finish off the look with a scarf or beanie for extra warmth and the x factor.


Although it may seem tough to let go of your usual sweats and joggers, try to spice things up by wearing your sweats or coats with a pair of camel pants or khaki pants. It will help you to gain that sassy look at no extra cost and will still keep you warm.


Instead of always throwing on shirts, sweaters and hoodies try to mix and match and play with different patterns like checkered, gingham or stripes while still staying in the colour scheme. This will jazz up your look and will give you an extra oomph as compared to your regular winter outfits.


Never skip on an opportunity to buy accessories because you may never know when it may come in handy.

A simple sweater can look stylish with the help of just a little accessory like a beanie or a scarf.

Not only do winter accessories provide you with style, it also helps to give you an extra layer of warmth required to get through the day.


Why settle for the basic black and white when you can experiment with a wide range of colours! Be it just a scarf or your skirt or all of your outfit, do not be afraid to play with colours and patterns for an unbeatable panache.

By Anjali Samant

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