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Latest Fashion Trends from India -- Lets Promote Vocal the Local

The Indian consumer which comprises of the largest Gen Y population of the world with a median age of 27 years is also evolving in its shopping habits and buying behaviour.

The new Indian consumer prefers branded apparel over unbranded due to his/her inclination towards better lifestyle and willingness to try out new ontrend fashion. With India’s economy expected to grow at almost 8% CAGR, over the next decade, the per capita income will also increase. Increasing wallet sizes will result in consumers with more money to spend and greater enthusiasm for fashion. The per capita expenditure on apparel is expected to reach INR 8,000 by 2025, rising from INR 3,100 in 2015. Therefore, the total Indian apparel consumption expenditure is expected to grow to INR 11.7 Lakh Crores (USD 180 Billion) by 2025 making India the most attractive apparel market in the world after China and the USA

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