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Digital Events – The New Norm

In these uncertain times, one must not forget that change is the only thing that is constant! Virtual Reality which may seem like a futuristic idea, has been in our lives since the 90s and is gaining importance with time. Events as an industry has moved online and research shows that the online platform, especially live events can partially or completely replace physical ones. It just needs to be planned well and has to be on a well-designed platform. Talentino Live is one such platform that helps virtual events come to life! According to Facebook, live video averages six times more engagement than regular video, and Facebook users comment 10 times more on live videos than on regular ones.

Some events that have had a smooth sailing even on an online platform are Weddings, Corporate events as well as College Fests and Fairs.

India has been known as a land of the ‘Big Fat and Grand’ Weddings. However, the lockdown restrictions of having just 50 -100 people attend ceremonies has hampered this idea of Indian weddings. Online platform for Weddings are a way to go in such times as they can have friends and relatives attend the wedding from any geographical location and a priest, the couple and the guests are connected via a video call without breaking the covid protocols. Digital weddings help people get the full experience of all ceremonies with the help of E- invites, live performances from home, make up tutorials, sangeet, cocktail parties and so on. A number of services can be provided including an online gift registry, online party portals, digital wedding albums, online ushers, delivery services for meals and gifts to the virtual guests and personalised thank you notes. Talentino is one such platform which helps you come together for festivities even if you are apart physically.

Talking about Corporate events, this prevents people from travelling to various offices or halls for conferences and seminars as geographical and time barriers are a major constraint when organizing an event. These virtual spaces make it super easy for attendees to access remotely from anywhere to have a smooth flow of events with greater attendance rates and helps one to engage with people beyond the conference. Event organizers are increasingly open to including virtual elements, not only for the reduced infrastructure and cost savings, but also for the increased engagement. Companies are having innovative events with desired and interesting guests and speaker line ups due to the greater ease in attending events. This helps in the enrichment of human capital and greater efficiency by the employees.

In these times of uncertainty and the current Covid-19 scare, Online events are the way to go to make sure human connectivity is maintained even without human contact. Online college events come as a big relief and make sure that college doesn’t become a less fulfilling experience for students who are only studying and working without experiencing the fun aspect of college! There is greater audience interaction and therefore greater footfall as students can take part in various competitions and events from home. This saves a lot of time which could be invested in preparing for these competitions. Colleges have been able to have celebrities to be a part of events via video calls which increases the spirit and makes these fests althemore exciting and difficult to miss. These also save on a lot of money and pressure of needing sponsors for events.

It can be noticed that these digital events even thought low in cost, travel, time and planning, can help recreate the fun and emotions of actual physical events and we at Talentino will provide you with this wholesome experience of multiple events all on a single platform!

- Muskan Malik


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