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Corporate events

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

We at fexy, are here to help you celebrate your company and employee’s productivity.

Events are used for a range of things from marketing to sales or for connecting with clients, team members and people within the industry.

At fexy we host a range of events from small groups of 10 to large groups of hundreds. We help you with all the elements of the event from catering to setting up on the day of the event. It is all about pre-planning, and then execution and our team have loads of experience in the event space.

Types of corporate events we organize 

1. Conferences
2. Seminars
3. Team Building Events
4. Trade Shows / Expos
5. Corporate Dinners
6. Product Launches
7. Shareholder / Corporate Board Meetings
8. Year-End Functions/parties
9. Workshops/courses
10. Birthdays
11. Charity events
12. Networking events

These are the kind of events you could host, to ensure better productivity and create a work environment that is inclusive in nature.

Services we offer
1. Decoration
2. Planning 
3. Booking venue 
4. Logistic
5. Videography 
6. Entertainment
7. Catering
8. Music
9. Invitations 
10. Photography