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Combining Fun with Learning in Covid Times

Benefits of virtual events to schools and colleges

In times like these when schools cannot commence imparting education and having extracurricular activities physically, a lethargic lifestyle sets in among students who have to sit at home in front of their screens all day long studying and working. This makes college and school become a less-fulfilling experience than usual. Most of the excitement of meeting friends, attending live events, etc. has been taken away from students due to the pandemic.

Well, thank God for online/ virtual events which come as a big relief!!

Be it college fests, or educational fares or felicitation and award events or fun annual talent competitions, all these events can be held with the help of digital platforms.

As much as students are excited about having fun with online extracurricular events, it also has been quite beneficial to these institutions for a lot of reasons!

Increased Convenience – since most of these events are online, they can be attended from your respective homes. These events require practically no geographical movement and hence it is convenient for students, staff and the guests of honor to attend it from their respective homes without having to travel far and wide.

Saves Time – To continue with the above-mentioned point, not having to travel to physical events saves a lot of time which can then be invested in working behind these events and other tasks. This also saves a lot of time of the administration and marketing team of the institutions trying to get people to come for their events as everything just gets easier!! Getting Celebrities/Stars/ Important personnel to attend the event also has become easier as they don’t have to promise long hours involving travelling for events. They can simply attend and give talks from their homes!!

Increased Flexibility – virtual events become super flexible and can be taken place at any time for people around the world to attend. There are no restrictions such as time limits and resource constraints.

Super Affordable- Digital Events are super affordable as the institutions do not have to spend on the infrastructure and physical resources that go behind conducting these events. Hiring a hall, arranging for a stage/podium, anchors, physical invites, get sponsors, arrange for food and drinks etc. can get quite expensive for institutions. With the help of virtual platforms, institutions can send out e invites and not spend on elaborate physical arrangements for the event.

These events help the children to enjoy extracurricular activities along with academics and keeps their school lives interesting increasing their concentration and productivity levels! These also help in getting students to be more attentive and involved in classes.

One such digital platform is Talentino where institutions can have digital events like Annual Talent Hunt and other competitions even without physical contact among students. This also helps schools instill the spirit of healthy competition, hard work and confidence to express one’s talent to the nation. Special competitions curated and designed especially for the particular institution can be formed on Talentino with maximum participant and audience interaction through live voting and judging platforms. Talentino is a digital platform to promote talent and by collaborating with schools, various intra school, interstate and national level competitions can be curated on the app where experts from the field can train the students to take their talents ahead as well as give recognition to these schools on a national level!

The spirit of representing your school at a national level and winning exciting prizes and e-certificates makes the students want to participate and make their school and friends proud! The celebrities and stars from the respective talent fields like acting, dancing, singing, modelling, painting, make up, photography, short film making, etc. help these participants hone their skills by giving proper feedbacks teach participants to own their talent with pride and showcase it to the world.

In these testing times, it is important to focus on an all-rounder growth of students. Talentino is here to understand this and implement it in ways that will make students and institutions not miss out on the fun of physical events even without physical contact!

The app is available on Google Play store as well as App Store and all that needs to be done is simply download, register and upload your content to be recognized by stars and on a national level!!

Team Talentino understands the right balance between work and play and looks forward to helping make incredible memories for students and these educational institutions!