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As the world is going through collective social distancing process during this pandemic time, are you also wondering like me and curious to know, how our celebrities are spending their time, what is their lifestyle? No red carpets no glamorous events no shoots and no stylists, we can actually see their real styles.

So, here is the answer.

Celebrities are also taking break from their daily routine of heavy makeup and coming up with pictures from their home in comfy clothes inspiring everyone to stay at home in isolation.

Lots of celebrities are making entertaining videos on tiktok to entertain the fans or working on their hobbies like baking or reading to kill the time.

Let us take you to the celebrity styles during lockdown

Color white: what comes in mind from color white?

Answer is peace, calmness, comfort.

Our favorite Bollywood celebrities are flaunting their styles.

In this coming summer white has become new black.

Wearing whites and breathable fabric has become celebrities go to style this summer.

Also, we can see some celebrities in loose and comfortable outfits pounding their hearts out.

Let’s see which celebrity you relate to:

Bollywood Fashion Diva relaxing in white Kurta Pajama set following her hobby of reading.

In this burning summer isn’t this color pallet look peaceful.

Well nowhere to go but still pulling your jeans and loose comfy tops like our Dancing queen Madhuri Dixit Nene?

Nothing can beat the heat and comfort apart from loose pair of shorts and top. Are you one of the kinds who is spending this isolation time jumping from one cute lounge set to another?

One with the adventurous soul can relate yourself with our one and only POO! Styled up all dope and photo ready.

If you got it flaunt it lady! Kylie Jenner bold and beautiful as always, flaunting her charm in White Slip Dress.

By Anushree Pant

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