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At Fexy we celebrate life, growth and everything that comes with it. We are here to make sure that you celebrate your day to the fullest. From the time we’re born, our very existence is a gift; life is a journey worth everything and we are here to help you celebrate every stage of your life.

Stages and decades of life we celebrate.

1 year old - to celebrate the very existence of love.

5 years old- to the tiny steps walking towards school, a new world altogether! 13 years old- the joys of being a teenager as you begin to discover who you are.

15 years old- the excitement of embarking on a brand-new journey of self-discovery.

21 years old- sense of purpose as you take your first steps toward defining your future.

30 years old- joy from family in whatever form that takes.

40 years old- to find new goals and aspirations for your life.

50 years old- to have a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished so far.

60 years old- to have the peace and satisfaction of a life well-lived.

Types of birthday parties we organize 
1. Birthday at home
2. Birthday at venue
3. Theme party
4. Costume party
5. Bollywood party
6. Pool party
7. Art & craft party
8. Cooking party 
9. Cocktail party
10. Surprise party
11. High tea party
12. Spa party

We offer services like
1. Decoration
2. Venue 
3. Invitation
4. Catering 
5. Customized cake 
6. DJ
7. Karaoke
8. Music orchestra
9. Costume 
10. Return gifts
11. Mascots 
12. Trampoline
13. Castle bouncing 
14. Carousel
15. Amusement rides
16. Dance performances
17. Magic shows 
18. Balloon sculpture 
19. Host
20. Photography 
21. Photo boots 
22. Games

1. Nail art
2. Face painting 
3. Tattoo making 
4. Candle making 
5. Chocolate molding 
6. Clay molding 
7. Flower hair braiding 
8. Hair braiding 
9. Block mehndi
10. Book tag making 
11. Craft making
12. Tarot reading 
13. Hand reading