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5 easiest and different ways to apply eyeliner

When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is one basic part. It literally redefines the complete look. And having being an expert at applying it is an art. Trust me, it takes a lot of practice and patience and especially when you are working with liquid eyeliners. But we are not really discussing about the types here, i.e., liquid, sketch pen and gel eyeliner but to discuss the easiest ways of applying it.

1. Smudged Black wraparound: This one is super easy to do and does not necessarily require an eyeliner, just with the help of your kajal apply a thin layer over and under the waterline area and with the help of a smudger or finger, smudge a little bit of it and voilla !!

2. Fleaks with Boldness: Fleaks looks pretty but applying it well on both the sides requires practice but here is one pro tip:

Apply the eyeliner normally to the outer edge of the eye and then slowly make a isosceles triangle going to the upper side and when you feel that you've got the right shape, fill it and make it dark and bold to look sexy.

3. Double- winged eyeliner: If you get the trick of winged eyeliner, double is easy. All you need to follow is the winged eyeliner steps and when you think youve got the right shape, with the help of the liner brush, go smudgy around the lower waterline and make another wing parallel to the upper wing.

4. The everyday thin liner: What could be better than doing makeup without over doing it? This one is the simplest of all. Apply a very thin layer right over the upper waterline and with the help of kohl, apply it inside the waterline to make the lashes look heavy and you are done.

5. Cat eyed-liner: This is yet another simple yet very classy kind. This makes your eyes bold and catchy at the same time. Perfect for dates.