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Reasons why you look dull even after putting makeup

We all have some or the other skin problem, nobody's skin is perfect, of course ! maybe this is why applying makeup is our greatest escape. But what do we do when applying makeup does not work? Don't just get scared, by that i did not mean that your makeup will stop doing its work, what i meant was, there might be some reason that you are ignoring is making you look dull and tired and even makeup is not helping.

1. Excessive makeup: The very first point to it can be applying excessive makeup. When you cake your face a lot, your sweat glands find no space to breathe and as a result when you sweat, your makeup gets mixed with your natural skin's oils and dirt that is catching your face, making it look dull and tired.

2. Using wrong shade: Yes! this is very important. Choose your makeup wisely. Do not get the wrong base for yourself. Always double check the shade before buying. Applying undertone or overtone shade can make your face look patchy and dull and just not the right complexion to get.

3. Wrong shade of lipstick: Trust me, this one plays a very important role. Wrong lipstick day means ugly makeup day. Try the shades before applying them. Not all shades suits everybody so keep that factor in mind. Also the choice of your lip shade might vary with the style of makeup you are carrying on that particular day. Some shades might not work with some look.

4. Blocked Pores: Exfoliate! It is important. Your skin's pores need to breathe properly in order to stay healthy and acne free, also it improves the complexion. Remember to exfoliate your face atleast twice a week and especially when you apply makeup regularly because makeup tends to block and clog your pores resulting in caking and dull skin.

5. Too much Highlighter: Using too much of highlighter can also be a problem and can make you look dull. Do not overdo it, just a bit to the nose and cheeks and you are good to go.

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