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Future Makeup Trend Prediction

Fashion has changed its meaning and use from era to era from the advent of lipsticks to the advent of concealers, it has all changed according to the needs and wants of the consumers. But can you guess your beauty and fashion trend years from now? You can just ignore the long beauty procedures and makeups and just switch to easy hacks now. Yes!

WGSN has recently quoted that "how about having a mirror that helps you choose your skincare routine and DNA-personalised products to fit your specific genetic need." Sounds cool right? You might be surprised to know that science has already been working on it and is soon round the corner.

All clusive consumers: What does that even mean? It is pretty obvious each person is different from the other and everybody has different skin from that of the other, so why adjust? Brands are now working on making a more wider range of tones that fits and suits every skin type and you can call it all customised for you.

Digital Assistant: Yes! It is also predicted that in future, you will have a digital assistant for yourself who will be your beauty expert and will guide you to choose your product. Store assistants can now go digital and show you how the product works and everything so that your choice gets easier.

From the Nature: This has to be my favourite, just think of using literally all natural products and eliminating all the toxic chemicals from your makeup. Imagine how healthy your skin will be !! Imagine refilling your makeup and not buying them again and again and all the waterless solutions. Think of a healthy environment will all natural products. Sounds comforting isn't it? Brands are also working on it.

Next generation Genetics: Believe it on not but brands are also being working on the personalisation based on genetics. This means the product will fit into every aspect of the DNA and suit according to the health, well-being, skin problem of the consumer.

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