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5 best summer head gears to protect your head from sun

Summer is on its peak and so is the Sun. Ugh! All that humidity and the tan becomes a daily business no matter how much sun screen you apply, it becomes really important to cover up your body as well to protect your skin from coming in direct contact with the sun. Have you ever thought about your head? Do you even realise how important it is to cover your head when you go out in sun, and especially during the day time when the sun is on the peak, it can make you really sick and can also damage your hair. So we've brought some really interesting tips for you as to how can you style your head gears daily in no time and look all sassy and healthy at the same time.

1. Hair Turban: Hair turbans are really cool and are the best option when you have a bad hair day. Just pair it up with your favourite plazzo and tops and big round earrings and you are all set, no tension of setting hair again and again. Your welcome.

2. Sassy Panama Hat: The panama hat is the classiest hat and goes with every look that you can carry, and looks stunning with big sun glasses. The panama is a type of fedora with a slightly wider and straighter brim. The panama is a type of fedora with a slightly wider and straighter brim.

3. The Psychedelic Esmerelda: Oh this one is the easiest and looks very cool with beachy look. This look completely covers the head keeping it safe and also allows the flaunting of the hair from the bottom.

4. The classic Cap: Cap is something i am sure everybody has, if not then go and buy a good one for yourself. It is the easiest way to protect your hair from dust, sun rays and looks pretty cool with casuals and goes with everyday look without overdoing anything.

5. Floppy Hat: Floppy hat is one that can definetely solve your purpose. It saves the face as well along with the head from the direct sun rays and looks beautiful, pair it with pretty gowns and dresses and good classy makeup like one in a deep red lipstick.

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