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5 Best Beauty Bloggers in India to look upto

Blogging now has become one of the core elements when it comes to fashion and beauty and bloggers are the essentials. They are the best influencer and the easiest mode to go through fashion. So it becomes really important for us to know whom should we look upto for fashion guidance and whom should we look up to for makeup tricks and ideas. So let us see who are the top beauty bloggers in my list whom we can look up to for amazing beauty tips and tricks.

1. Aashna Shroff:

Aashna, one of the biggest style and fashion influencers in India who is quite very famous among teens. Yeah! the owner of the very famous the Snob Journal is very bold, confident and loves to experiment. She has worked with brands like Nykaa, Vero Moda, Koovs, L’oreal, Body Shop and many more. She has also travelled around the globe to give us all the secret beauty tips.

2. Kritika Khuranna:

Very familiar name 'That Bohogirl' is the ultimate style diva of fashion. She has been a student of Fashion design and has been hyped all over e-commerce as K_Kritika.

3. Anshita Juneja:

Anshita, yet another very famous witty girl with beauty with her blog as Vanity No apologies is one of the most sorted and amazing bloggers in india, giving us all makeup goals. She is well- known for her best skin care tips and lipstick reviews. Checkout her Instagram now !!

4. Mahak Sagar:

One of the best bloggers and entrepreneurs, Mahak is the owner of 'Peaches and Blush' which is also an e-commerce site. She is doing a wonderful job since 2010 by giving best reviews that clears the customer's doubt on the product. be it any product, she is always ready to try and review it first for us.