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When women fashion got inspired from men's fashion

Having follow the same old fashion trend can be a bit boring, we all require some kind of change every now and then. These changes can be in the form of anything, new designs, new colours, new trends, whatsoever! One big change that women did adopt was the change in fashion trend towards the men's wear. Yes, especially working women prefer wearing cool men's outfit and it looks classy.

Though this feminist look can never go out of fashion probably but women wearing men's wear started early after the World War when the women finally had to do labour-intensive work and that was not possible in in long girly dresses. With the gradual change in time, this changed the way of women's dressing and is now a fashion.

Let us see few good examples:

Oversized clothes: Oh this one has to be ! Boyfriend's tee is so in. On a lazy vacation like day, feel free to grab some oversized clothes for yourself and pair it up with good pair of sunglasses and tie a rough bun. The rough look it creates is so comfy yet so stylish. Light pastel shades with formal laced shoes in informal colours are an absolute treat to the trend and is definitely a good inspiration from men's clothing.

The classy Suiting: Men's have always looked their best in formal suitings and so does women. The classy coat with plain pastel shirts with ironed collars and matching fitted pants and shinny formal shoes have originally been a trademark of classiness for men and they wore it almost everywhere but is now worn by women as well to their meetings, formal occasions, etc.

Baggy Jeans: Baggy jeans are so very cool. They are loose fitted and are really comfortable to wear. Jeans are generally skin fitted for girls but looks pretty stylish when worn baggy men's style. :)

Suspenders: If you feel bored of wearing cocktail dresses for formal occasions and you wish to look decent with a formal get-up, why not try suspenders with light pink makeup. Totally girly with class. Ohlala !!

Military Jackets: If you think military look is sassy, try some military style jackets and coats. Military jackets are the easiest and the classiest thing a woman could carry from the men's wardrobe and trust me, you won't regret.