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5 times when the celebs did fashion blunders

"Fashion" is a big term. It is something that you have to deal with everyday. It contains all that you carry, your clothes, your makeup, your accessories, everything and when the fashion goes wrong, it is termed as "fashion blunders". And when these blunders become a style statement of your own, it is called being a fashion victim wherein, you don't know what and when to mix and match, when is it over and when is it underdone. Here is a list of top 5 looks when the celebrities tried looking their best but ended up doing fashion blunders and looked their worst.

Bella Thorne was all in pink captured during a screening. Pink is alright but a baggy dress with bright furry pink is a big NO ! We wonder what is wrong with Bella. Pairing the dress up with such a irritating sling bag adds up to the blunder. The strap is completely off-look. And of course the deep pink stellitoes, this had to be her worst look.

Anna Kendrick, we understand that you have been a teen celebrity but now is the time to get out of that phase. This is definitely the worst look from her. A raincoat jacket, seriously? Clubbed with a grey bean dress is even worse and the boots does not match the look at all. A complete failed look.

Olivia Cooke showed up at a launch wearing literally an outfit made of plastic. bright red, shiny plastic dress that made no sense to us and did even had any sensible design to it. The outfit totally looks messy and has no appeal to it. We wonder why did you even thought of carrying it, Oliva !

Heidi Klum at Kid's Choice Award, wore a monochromatic dress with a pretty body fitted shimmery top, where she went wrong was the skirt. The skirt is not even pleasing the eyes and is destroying the complete look. What are these cotton balls sticked to the skirt? Well don't like it anyway.

No No No ! You cannot simply pair a floral dress that does not even go with the long overcoat with red heels. It does not even match ! The border lining of the overcoat was so not required. Emily Blunt's worst look with a cheap-looking uncool outfit with big wizardly handcuffs are way too funny.