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Poses that will give you your best Picture

If you tell us that not always you get the best pictures of you, we'll understand and we are sure that most of the girls might be facing this. But what will you do when you are suddenly asked to strike a pose for the camera? You will have to learn how to be picture ready always. Just by remembering few easy tips, you can actually get good pictures and it might be a possibility that it changes your life forever ! Who knows you might just not be looking your best in any of your picture until you've known these facts.

1. Pose half a Side way: This is my favourite trick. Since i have a square shape face and i feel that if i'd be facing the camera unless it isn't a portrait shoot, my face might look fat. To avoid this and to add some sexy curves to the face and the figure, what one can do is to slightly pose a little side way. This might make your face look illusionery better.

2. Place your Tongue Up: This might sound odd to you but trust me, this is a tested trick. By placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth helps to avoid double chin if any and makes your face look a bit thinner and adds to the boldness of the lips. This is an instant way to look good in the picture.

3. Cross Legs: I am sure once in a lifetime everyone of us has tried this trick, but did you notice how rightly this position makes our body look? It gives all the cures and the shape to the body in no time. This is an ideal pose especially when you are wearing pencil heels and skirts or shorts kind of fitted outfits.

4. High and Low neck: I mean just play with your neck, if you have a long neck posing with a high chin can look odd but if you look placing your head a little bit down than usual, it might give a better look and so in the case of short neck, chinning up can make you look better in the pictures.