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How to find the right shade of foundation for yourself

Having to do makeup, the base is the first and the most important step. If your base settles well in your skin, your makeup will go just right. So to know what kind and what shade of foundation to use is a trick that you must unlock. There are a lot of foundations in the market to choose from and gets extremely confusing as to what should suit you the best because there is not just one criteria that you should be considering before buying the foundation. What are these criteria then? Let's figure out:

1. Choosing the Foundation according to the skin type: Skin type has a very major role to play while choosing the base for yourself.

If you fall under oily skin type, you must find yourself a good water-based foundation because if you go for a heavy oil-based foundation, it will tend to break you out and would not settle in your skin.

If you have a sensitive skin, please make a note of not using much chemicals on your skin and choose a foundation that is not very heavy and gives medium-light coverage.

If you have dry skin type, go for some foundation that is more moisturising and something that stays for longer.

Also make a note that you choose a foundation that is preferably with a sun protecting SPF, that keeps up with your day.

2. Choose foundation according to you age: Age too plays an important role in choosing the right shade for the skin. It may look like an avoidable point but if you consider these points while choosing your foundation, you might help your skin stay better at longer go.

For if you are aged between 18-24, you should be going for chemicals that are soft for the skin and does not break you out, probably a light medium to-light coverage would do.