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How to choose the right bra for you

Choosing the right bra with the right size is really important and to feel confident about it is even more important. Wearing a wrong size of bra can actually make your body shape look weird. Also it is very important for you to know when to wear what kind of bra. Yes! even for that matter, colors also plays an interesting part in the same. if you plan to wear something of body fit then it gets extremely necessary for you to grab a right bra for yourself as it can define your upper half. So how do we choose the right bra for ourselves, let's figure out:

1. Finding your bra size: Finding your bra size is the most important thing. One must know what size fits them the best. Also note that, bra sizes varies from brand to brand, so accordingly you might need to alter your purchase. To find our your bra size, you can wear a non-padded comfortable bra and make a note where your nipples are. Adjust them properly and make a note of placing it somewhere between your elbow and your shoulder. It might also be a possibility that it is slightly lower or slightly upper so you can adjust the straps by loosening and tightening them accordingly.

You can now take a measuring tape and measure the ribs under the breasts by standing in front of the mirror. Breathe normally and note to keep the tape straight.

Also to know your cup-size, wrap the measuring tape around your breasts at the nipples and note the inches.

1 inch= A cup

2 inch= B cup

3 inch= C cup

4 inch= D cup

5 inch= DD cup

now, that you know the category, combine the cup size with the band measurement, and so you now have the right bra measurement for you.

2. Choosing the right type: To choose the right type of bra for you, you need to know what purpose does your bra solve and what kind of attire you are wearing. For instance, if you are going for exercise or some kind of a workout, you should be wearing a sports bra.

If you are wearing something off-shoulder or the reveal shoulder dress, you probably should go for a tube bra, preferably a padded one for a better fit.

If you are to wear something that is body fit, a nice padded bra is just for you.

3. Common Issues: Nothing very surprising but there are a few common problems that you might face time to time while choosing the bra for you. Remember of not washing your expensive padded bras in the washing machine, this might spoil the shape of the pads and you might not get the right curves in your bra.

Also make sure that your bra is tight enough to take up the right shape, If the straps are to tight and the hooks are not getting close, you can loosen the strap and then hook your bra at the last point adjusting your breast at the front.

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