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Top makeup brands to choose from

Makeup has definitely changed a lot within few decades and so has the companies. It has become a daily part of our lives and people have become more aware and conscious about the brand that they use and the amount of chemicals that they apply. Women like investing on high-end makeup brands than using a cheap chemical brand.

So how do you make out that the makeup you use is the best for your skin and has all the not-so-bad drugs in it. But please note that it is not necessary that if your product is expensive, it is going to stay for that longer period or it is going to harm your skin less. Nonetheless, makeup is always harmful for your skin and is hence not advised to use daily.

Without wasting much of our time, let's checkout the list of top 10 makeup brands that are not necessarily expensive but are a definite good investment.

1. M.A.C Cosmentics: M.A.C had to top the list though this list is in no particular order. M.A.C cosmetics has been world's no.1 makeup artistry since years because of the diverse nature of them. They understand every skin type and experiment with different shades. One thing that I personally feel is, its products does not break you out and are ideal for parties and heavy makeups. It stays for a longer period and with every passing hour. it tends to set even better. Though it is a high-end brand but its worth every penny. literally speaking ! Once you start using M.A.C, there is no turning back to any other product.

2. Clinique: Clinique, best known for the 3-step thing, cleansing-exfoliating-moisturising. Though we all have heard of these essential steps but what new they brought in was the exfoliation which plays an equal role. Clinique is that one brand that focuses a lot on making the skin healthy. Thus, they are experts with skin cares they own. But also, they have come up with some really good makeup products that are still unbeatable in the market like their lip shades and their foundation. If you have a problematic skin or if you are extra conscious about it, you can give it a try !

3. Bobbi Brown: Bobbi Brown has been the first cosmetic company that has launched what is now a "trend" called nudes. She worked with a chemist and invented a 10 shade beautiful nude lipstick range. That very year, she also came up with the yellow tone foundation range. Before that nobody really thought that there were these two types of skin tone range, i.e., yellow and pink tones. Bobbi has also come up with some beautiful eye shadow ranges that makes your eyes look completely fresh and not to forget, their fragrance range. This brand is a complete 10/10 from my side.

4. NYX Cosmetics: NYX is that one brand, every girl is obsessed with and especially the lip shade lovers. They have this amazing forte in lip shades, from glosses to nudes to kiss proof mattes and what not. Having a wide range of total girl shades with very affordable prices, N.Y.X has a good range of eye products as well. So if you love pop colours or just the girly colours, this might be just for you.