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How to choose the right kind of eye shadow for you

Having to choose the right kind of eye shadow is really difficult if you not get the trick and especially when you do not wear makeup often, people will tend to notice your makeup flaws more. So how do we understand that what eye shadow colour will go with what attire, with what skin tone, etc? There are thousands of different colors in a multitude of hues and attempting to find just one that looks good on you can feel overwhelming. Do you know that the structure of your eyes and the colour of your eye balls too play an important role in determining the hue of color that you should choose.

1. Eyes:

For blue eyes: If by any chance you have blue eyes, try to blend lighter tones together more like light ash grey, champagne and nude pink. The palette you can go for is the neutral shades, that you do justice to your eyes and bring more focus of the people to the beautiful blue you own. Finish with a thin eyeliner.

For brown eyes: For if you have the light to dark brown eyes, everything and anything would work. You will not necessarily have to worry but if you go for exact opposite colours like purple, gold, silver and shades like these, this will really help to enhance your eyes.

For green eyes: If your eye tone varies from green to hazel, experimentation is easy. You can choose deep pastel shades like pink, rose gold, or glitter like silver and gold.

2. Skin tone:

Neutral skin tone: Though everything goes with neutral skin and there is a room for experimentation for them but you can always try bronze, teal blue and deep shades like these to enhance your look.

Bright skin tone: For lighter tones, shades that are light like baby pink, light tone of bottle green, etc always look classy. You can also experiment with rust and metal shades.

Dark skin tone: For darker skin tone, try using rich shades like violet. ruby, deep red, etc. Please note that no lighter shade will show up on dark skin for long and no glittery shades will work good.

3. Hair color:

Black/ Dark brown hair: If you have dark hair, you are free to experiment. Almost everything looks good with hair tone like these. You can go for lighter shades and in fact, try deep dark tones depending on your skin tone because these shades of hair color will work with anything.

Blonde hair: Usually girls of Western region have this tone of hair, they tend to have a lighter shade of skin tone in comparison to the Indian skin tone. Therefore, a palette of Neutral or smokey will do for them more like grey, creamy, green etc.

Grey Hair: Try using pastel colors for grey hair. It enhances the look more and makes the eyes look more attractive.