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5 times when Hygiene is hampered by Fashion

Fashion is the need of the hour. Agreed. But do you think fashion should be taken to such an extent that it starts hampering our hygiene? To be fashionable or a fashionista is an appreciated talent but to know when to stop is a necessity. Hygiene is a very important aspect that we should be keeping in our minds before doing anything because, after all, we have to live in these bodies and deliberately infecting it is a foolishness. Here is the list of top 5 things that we, the today's generation believe that is cool and which has become so popular that you could see it onto every possible person but is actually a disaster.

Tattoos: Yes, tattoos are such a cool thing. You are the coolest among the lot if you are inked already. But do you know having tattoos even if you have got it done from a big tattoo artist's place is infecting your 5 layer deep epidermis with god knows what ink. And having a coloured tattoo is even worse and especially in the areas where the skin is very soft and thin. Tattoos in general are discouraged by science, for if you wish to pursue something in medical line or if you wish to donate blood sometime, you won't be allowed because your blood might be infected because of the same.

Coloured contact lenses: Our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and requires the most care because we in general strain it a lot due to unhealthy habits like watching TVs, working late on laptops, lack of sleep,etc. And now this trend of using temporary coloured lenses is possibly the worst thing that you can do to your eyes. The colour/tint in these contact lenses damages the eyes.

Long Nails/ Nail Arts: Nail arts are so in fashion, like from every salon to every house somebody or the other keeps doing this. But the chemicals that are used to make these glittery and shiny paints are worse than consuming fabric paints. Of course, we use our hands for doing almost everything and majorly for eating, so keeping our hands clean should be our primary objective. Having Long nails can be really hazardous. We do a lot of things with out fingers and a lot of dirt gets settled in our nails and even if we wash our hands before consuming anything, that dirt still does not leave the nails and gets directly inside our mouths. Another major reason is that, long nails can scratch the skin, unknowingly can if not clean, can affect the skin and it might get septic.

Piercings: Piercings look pretty and have majorly come from the Punk fashion which is a lot copied these days, but they are very unhygienic and are not really advised. Piercings causes skin irritation, Bacterial infections or allergic reactions are common if you do not take care of the piercing and do not clean it timely, and can sometimes cause scaring.

Make-up: And of course, the makeup that the girls wear almost daily to look pretty is actually clogging the pores. The more often you do makeup, the worse your skin gets, resulting in skin infections, acnes, discolouring, black and whiteheads etc.

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