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Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face.

How do you choose your pair of sunglasses? Just picking up the most stylish ones from the shelf is not the way to do it. The key to make your sunglasses look most flattering on you is finding out your face shape and which sunglasses go the best with them. Trouble finding out about your face shape and what shades to pick? Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. For Oval Face

The length of this face is slightly longer than it's width, with rounded chin, and cheekbones being the widest section of the face. the number one advantage is that it can carry off any eyewear style. The best sunglasses that go with oval face type are those with frames that are not wider than the cheekbones. Sunglasses with rectangular styles are also a good idea. Gentle angular styles can also be preferred.

2. For Round Face.

The length and width of this face are almost equal, with a rounded smooth hairline and rounded chin. People with such a face shape should opt for square or wide frames with angular shapesl, to give their face more definition.

3. For Square Face.

The length and width are almost equal, with a well defined jawline and broad forehead. Choose glasses which have round or oval frames and extending past the face, such as round glasses or aviators.

4. For Rectangular Face

the face's length is greater than it's width, with the forehead, cheekbones and jawline having identical width. The most flattering styles for such face type are those with oversized designs and preferably dark frames.

5. For Heart Face