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Must carry things in your Handbag everyday !

Summer is striking up ladies and we have a really fast life to cope with. In this fast life, we tend to forget carrying things on a daily basis and it gets hard to reach home everytime for every pity thing. So here is the list of a must carry things in your handbag, everyday, everytime, anywhere and trust me it will solve a lot of your problems and especially when you are a working lady.

Power bank: I am sure you all value your phone's battery because it is the need of life these days. dying batter is no less than a dying life for us and since we do our most of the job from our phones, keeping a battery backup is important. Since not everywhere you would find a charging point, its better to keep one with you.

Hand Sanitizer: Yes, this one is a must ! We touch a lot of dirty things on a daily basis and particularly when we are out, carrying a handwash can be difficult, so make a habit of using santizer before eating anything this will reduce the chances of catching germs.

Sanitary Pads: Of course girls, this one is a definite must. You never know when do you get your menstruation, it might get off the date and what if there is no medical shop nearby ? A backup should always be ready. And who knows you also end up helping others by being that saviour, :) Just never forget to keep this.

ATM card case: I am sure you must be intelligent enough to realise this fact that carrying your card case is such an important thing, keeping all the cards together in a case would reduce their chances of getting lost and whenever and wherever you go, you'll be always having your ATM cards, your grocery discount card, Your PAN card etc. You always require it.

High energy bars: Energy bars are a good option if you have a hectic life and you tend to skip your meals quite often. Energy bars provide you energy instantly and you feel refreshed, though depending on just the energy bars every time is not advisable but just in case you are in short of time, this is a good option.

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