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Best skincare tips for Acne-prone skin

Having acne is one of the worst feelings. I can say this because i myself have an acne prone skin. It is very hard to take care of but once you inculcate few habits in your routine that are healthy for your skin in general and that will help treat your acne, you will feel your confidence coming back. Though acne is something that can show up due to n number of reasons, that is no particular life saver for the same and nothing can fully cure acne,

few people have acne due to large pores, some have it because of hormonal reasons, others have it because of unhealthy lifestyle.

There are few tips that you can and you should be adding in your habits for better looking skin, yet again there is no permanent and guaranteed solution.

Drink water: Yes, i know you might have heard this quite a lot many times but how much do you follow it ? Drinking a lot of water can be a game changer i tell you, it brings a natural glow to the skin, helps with your complexion and also treats acne to a lot of extend. But remember having water minimum 7-8 glasses a day, try this for good 2 weeks and notice the visible difference in your skin and if you have a normal skin, drinking water is always beneficial.

Pro tip, before retiring to bed, have some luke warm water and then sleep, this helps in over nigh restoring of the skin.

TeaTree oil: If you are suffering from acne or even acne scaring, tea tree oil is a life saver. It is everything to you, trust me! try mixing this lordly thing with steam water and take good 5 minutes of steam, it helps removing black heads and treats acne,

or maybe try dapping it with cotton on the faces where you have acne after washing the face every night before sleeping

or you can use it as a serum, teatree is the ultimate thing for acne !!

Green tea or Lemon water: Green tea has a lot of anti-oxidants in it. Consumption of green tea daily in the morning, empty stomach can help your skin detoxify the oil and the dirt that is resting beneath your skin, you can also substitute it with lemon in warm water, this too helps the skin detoxify.

Use cleansers and moisturisers specially made for acne prone skin: Though for this one, i would recommend you to visit a skin specialist once and use cleansers and moisturisers advised by them because acne prone skin is sensitive and has to be treated differently without removing excess oils from the skin. But do use a cleanser and a moisturiser.