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Top summer Fabrics to keep you Cool

Since summer is hitting up real hard and it is going to get worse by the month of june, so it is really important for us to know what are the best suited summer fabrics that can keep us cooler and that absorbs less heat.

Cotton: Cotton had to top the list because cotton is the best known natural fibre for summers. It can absorb all the sweat, does not require much of maintenance and acts as a good ventilator.

Linen: Choose one right, light kind of linen to add to your wardrobe. Linen also has the properties of passing air through it, though it isn't as cool as cotton but would definitely keep you cool and also is a great fashion option.

Gorgette: Yet another fabric which is ideal for dress material and very similar to chiffon is gorgette. It does not absorbs much heat and absorbs 40% of the sweat. One can consider this as a great summer option.

Rayon: Open gowns usually maternity gowns are ideally made of rayon. This artificial fabric also has the properties of absorbing sweat and does not require much maintenance and are usually dye-able.

Silk: This is one expensive but beautiful natural fibre that makes the outfit shine. It does require a lot of maintenance and does not absorbs sweat but passes air quite well and thus is a good example for summer fabric collection.