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5 good-to go hairdo for short hair

Having short hair myself, I can feel the pain of girls who have short hair. It kind of turns out boring as your options gets cut down for styling and for maximum what you think can make your look changed is either a haircut or bleaching. But dear girls, there is a lot more that you can do to your hair, yes with your own short hair, everyday, anytime and within 5 minutes, sounds fun?

Deep Side parting: having flip your hair to the side that fits your face cut with brush and placing it at the back of the ear can look really cool, to add to the look you can even wear huge long or big earring and flaunt it all through the way and the biggest plus point is, it does not even take 2 minutes.

Messy Pixie Look: Girls if you have very short hair, just do not waste time setting them up, instead go for messy pixie look, a survey says guys love messy hair of girls and also it looks pretty out of the league, just give it a try.

Voluminous Wavy hair: Adding volume to hair is the new cool. You can add volume to your hair by different methods, that is, by back combing your hair or with curling rod or with a dried shampoo and set them up with either a setting spray or with curling rod to give waves.

Side braiding: You can also add up a braiding to your deep side parting. Just flip your hair to one side and to the side where you are left with lesser hair make three equal sections and start cris-cross braiding.

Half-buns: Half-buns have recently gained so much of popularity. They are, messy, looks pretty and are extremely easy. All you need to do is to just section your hair into two, upper and lower half, let the lower half open and tie a pony to your upper half hair and twist them under the same band to form a bun and you are good to go !

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