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Night time skincare routine for oily skin

Having an oily skin is irritating and keeping it healthy takes a lot of efforts. Making few healthy habits can bring a visible glow and healthiness to the skin and possibly reduce the facial problems.

Remove makeup: Removing makeup before going to bed is a must !! For any skin type, sleeping with makeup on is the worst possible thing you could do to your skin. For Oily skin, make a note of using water based makeup removers. Using an oil based makeup remover might clog your pores resulting into acne. So choose a water based remover for yourself.

Use the right cleanser: Using the right cleanser is very important, make a note of using a cleanser that has Salicylic acid can maintain the oil balance in your skin and remove pimples, or you might go for something that has neem or other suiting agent for your skin.

Apply Serum: Most of the people skin this part but lessser do they know that applying the right serum can help your skin gain a lot of its lost pH level back. You can use Apple cider vinegar to substitute your serum. Serums based on tea tree can suit your skin the best.

Finish with a moisturiser: People usually have this perception that oily skin does not require moisturising. This is not the case, oily skin requires moisturising equally. Choosing a water-based or a light weight moisturiser can restore skin issues, you can even substitute your moisturiser with coconut oil.