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5 makeup hacks to try this 2018

2018 is the year of naturalist looks and makeups and so the hacks should be as simple and easy, isn't it? Keeping yourself simple is a task too but what should be done when you run out of certain products that you use in your daily life.. would your life stop there?

This one post might solve a bit of your problem, let's see

The first one is a game changer. If you run out of your daily mascara and you feel you would have to stretch through your day without your beautiful lashes rolled up, think again beauties because you can actually add some Saline solution to the bottle. Yes! adding solution to the mascara can revive the dried mascara.

Another way to revive your dried mascara is to keep the bottle in a hot water cup for about 5-7 minutes, this will liquefy the dried part.

Looking your glossy makeup look? No you do not have to buy yourself with tonnes of things just look out if you have a good lip balm or maybe a hydrating serum for that matter. Apply few layers of it and wallah ! you are good to go.

Do you feel like enhancing your lips to make it look more sexy? You don't necessarily have to go through a surgery or plumes. All you need to do is, just buy yourself one nude or white lip liner and that would do wonders. Outline your lips with white lip liner and blend it with your fingers a bit this would create a voluminous illusion and problem solved.

Have a lot of dark circles? No, hiding it with concealer will not help. Before going to bed every night apply some coconut oil or even for that matter olive oil to your under eyes and you will see the visible difference in your eye bags and dark circles. You can also apply green tea bag to your eyes.

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