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Most Famous Style Icons of all times

The most iconic and the original bombshell Marilyn Monroe, has been a long style icon of her times. The fashion of beauty spots started from her. Be it women or girls, everybody tried to replicate her look. Monroe was spotted as one of the most iconic person's who has giving some amazing outfits to the fashion industry like white haltered-neck dress to pink satin strapless with opera number gloves, etc. Her way of carrying every outfit that she wore is still tried to be copied and yet there can be no one like Marilyn Monroe.

The second most familiar face to us is none other than Princess Dianna herself. At her wedding, she wore the savviest dress of all times and instantly became boy's fascination and women's inspiration in fashion. With the passage of time, her wardrobe became even more bold and so did her confidence level. She carried extremist of dresses with the royal elegance and aura. Her short hair, blue eyes and warm cheeks were no replicated by common public.

Next to the list is one of the most beautiful and the most talented singer of all times, yes, you guessed it just right, its Madonna. She catched all eyes when she was first seen in New York's Times Square in 1978. The famous materialistic girl was now one of the most fashionable icons. From wearing rugged jeans with plain white tee to stacks of jewellery bracelets and the famous Gaultier cone bra and sharply-tailored suits for Blonde Ambition.

Jackie, one of the most influential personalities in the field of politics and wife of John F. Kennedy is yet another most familiar face in the field of fashion. Her fashion sense has always been on point and she has set a benchmark for other women. Jackie hired Hollywood heavyweight, designer Oleg Cassini, to update her wardrobe. She had a very subtle taste and wore outfits from streamline suits to very simple sensible goves and heels.

Michelle Obama, is another politician Obama's wife from current times. She has recently influenced a lot of fashionista. The best part about Michelle is that she is a blend of both wittiness and elegance. From high fashion to extreme low and casual fashion, she could carry it all with grace. People would definitely look up to her for fashion inspirations and deserves a mention.

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