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Top 5 fashion Designers in the World

Giorgio Armani, born on July 11, 1934, in Italy, is an iconic clothing designer who has also established himself in restaurants and hotel business. Giorgio has successfully been seen as one of the top designers in the world mainly because of his master in men's suiting. Armani is a symbol of wealthiness and classiness for most of the high section and the business class people. Besides this Armani has also designed a lot of outfits for Lady Gaga.

Armani had over 200 stores worldwide and annual sales of roughly $2 billion. and besudes all that he has also showcased most of his designs in a very famous tv show Miami Vice (1984-89). So, here is Giorgio Armani for us.

Jimmy Choo is well known for his fantastic out of the box thinking collection of footwear. Though he is a Malaysian designer but is United Kindom based and he mainly focuses on women footwear. His brand is a well known high-end brand which not very easily affordable and is a style statement in itself. Jimmy is known for his unique and precise crafting in the footwear which was quite very appreciated by none other than Princess Diana of Wales for whom he used to make footwear for.

And how can we not talk about the iconic Coco Chanel when we mention "top designers". Coco has been one of the oldest and the most renounced fashion designers of all times, it had to be.. she gave us all the Little Black Dress. Not only in outfits but also Chanel perfumes have been one of the best fragrances ever known. Chanel no. 5 is one such famous fragrance. Chanel has also crafted one of the finest handbags in the world and deserves a worth mention in the same.

Rightly quoted by her "I don't do fashion, i am fashion", well no doubt with that !

Issey Miyake, one of the top Japanese fashion designer is well known for his "Pleats Please" designs. Issey is probably the first designer who introduced technology into fashion and the results are a total perfect. His Miyake design studio has introduced women with high-end sophisticated and classy fashion. Blooming into magazines like Vogue, Miyake mainly focused on giving finest pleats to the garment in order to increase the garment's stretchability. He is one bainy and classy designer, both at the same time.

Alexander Mcqueen, a British designer, was first into men's made-to-order suits. He then collaborated with huge companies like Gucci, Givenchy, etc. He then opened his own brand and gave a lot of iconic designs to the world. Known for his extraordinary Avant Garde styles, there is possibly no one that could replace his talent.