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Top 3 Spring/Summer makeup look of 2018

This summer/spring has seen few amazing makeup looks of all times.

Nude looks are the new cool, this season. Undone eyebrows, nude kajal, and no mascara. Lip tints are so of this season. High highlighter and warm cheeks and you are good to go for the everyday look to infact the party look too.

Winged eyeliners have always been in fashion and probably will never fade. What has been added to this style is the wing from the two-end of the eye with no kajal and no over contour on the face, notice the undone eyebrows here as well. What could be better dramatic than dark shimmy lips for the ramp ?

Red is the colour of blood and the colour of classy and so it is the colour of lady. Red mattes are so this season's craze clubbing with coloured shades of lens and undone eyebrows ofcourse.

Notice how 2018 is celebrating boldness and more of simplicity through its makeup looks, encouraging more of natural beauty and making them confident about their looks. This season has also inculcated acne makeup looks as well, instead of hiding the scars flaunt it ladies !