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Bell Bottoms- A recent rebirth of FAD

A FAD is a trend or a craze that takes up all the fashion market in a very sudden go and reaches to the peak and goes out of fashion even faster. One of the recent examples of what we have seen has a recent FAD to face a rebirth is Bell Bottoms.

Bell bottoms were initially designed for Naval personnel. They were designed to flare out at the bottom so that sailors could quickly remove their boots in an emergency situation. The pants became popular as musicians like James Brown, Sonny and Cher.

Bell bottoms were a cultural statement of the youth-oriented hippie generation. They made a big come in the mid-1990’s as the

crowd unknowingly followed in their parents footsteps. By the late 70's everyone was making bell bottoms a part of their wardrobe in America. Although skinny jeans became a popular thing by the mid of 2000s, bell bottoms still not completely disappeared. It was then noticed by the year 2004 that bell bottoms completely disappeared from every wardrobe.

Gigi Hadid and the recent runways are now brings these pants back to lives now in a big way. Getting bored with the boring skinny jeans got the famous bell bottom FAD back in action in the recent 2017-18 collections.

At Khaite, we saw more statement-making yet neutral bottoms topped with not your average work shirts. soft pink micro-corduroy bell-bottoms worn with a matching trucker jacket. Cushnie et Ochs, who create going-out lewks for power women, showed hardware-embellished flares with matching peplum tube tops and slinky black bell-bottoms with glittery camis.

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