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When we meet a person the first thing we look at, is usually that person’s face. How we wear our make up or put on the accessories have the ability to make or transform a look. I believe that when it comes to the item which has recently took a toll in fashion, it’s the glasses we put over our eyes or head. The shape, colour and style of the sunglasses or prescription lenses we wear makes a huge difference on our appearance. Sometimes only these sunglasses can make us look as if we are the epitome of confidence and suave.

Generally the people around me or even the Bollywood celebrities make an effort to look chic by wearing fashionable eyewear which includes oversized oval, square, circular or aviator shaped style with the glasses coloured black or brown. Sometimes there are reflector lenses as well. Whereas globally, these days people have started experimenting with the shape, size and cut of the glass. I see there's a widespread use of sleeker lenses with unusual shapes (which people consider old fashioned here). Whether it's the glasses being worn in the movie Matrix or in some 90’s shows, they all can be seen on runway. Not only there’s experimentation in shape but the colour and material too.

Gucci cruise’18

The designer Prabal Gurung who recently showcased his spring summer 2018 collection has a big role here. Celebrities and models like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been wearing such looks which made us believe that we can look absolutely glamorous donning these glasses.

Prabal Gurung Spring’18

Collections from Linda Farrow x Dries Van Noten to Adam Selman x Le are bringing these cool designs which we all must have a look at. I believe the time has come where there isn’t a particular design for sunglasses that only is in style. All these 90’s and 80’s style ensembles have come back which shows nothing goes out of fashion. There are no set rules which makes it exciting. This is exactly how, we used to feel that boot leg trousers are so out when skinnies and jeggings came in. But now people love to carry wide leg and anti-fit trousers! So a quick tip, if your parent/ old cousins sill have their old sunglasses don't throw them out !

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