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The festive season is on, means we Indian have a new attire for each and every celebration. This festive season add a glint of fashion and glamour to your wardrobe. So, let’s try something different this festive season.

Guess what?

We are here to create a balance between the western modernity and our culture’s tradition. So we came up with the fusion of this two legacy. And we present the whole new “Indo-western fusion” designs.

1. The Nag Nritiya by Sri Krishna

The ultimate fusion of the western culture with Indian culture.

The pearl white looks a simplicity at its best, with a hand painted pattachitra which is an Indian traditional form of painting. The beautifully hand painted design of Lord Sri Krishna having his nag nritya looks exceptionally stunning. The combination of both the fusion looks absolutely a soothing attire. Each and every single object in painting just feels like reality. This is something known for the beauty and style with mix of cultures.

2. The Three

The world of fashion is been evolving with it new creativity toward culture.

The beautifully designed three piece looks gorgeous. The upper one is ultimately having a different look, with unique cuts. The bottom line up is so sensibly designed that it can fetch eyes from the clouds. And last the single piece is so simple with beautifully crafted border line. These three gets together to complete the whole beauty of this attire.

3. The Blue Bird

The beauty of blue bird in the white.

The glorifying look of blue bird printed in blocks looks absolutely gorgeous in white background .The combination of both upper suit and lower suit looks great. The beautifully crafted bird feels as something terrifically gorgeous.

4. The change

The all new personified people.

Looks something out of the box. Really great! Something that the evolution is being done, a greater change in minds and hearts, that’s what we call humanity. Both of them looks absolutely stunning, seems like made for each other. The pearl white saree beautifully crafted with hand painted drawing simultaneously the one who is wearing just beats the whole show.

5. The Different Attitude

The orange attire, with gorgeous gown.

The beautifully crafted orange gown looks dashing. This is something differently crafted with unique cuts. The border designs looks ultimate eye catching. The whole attire is somehow known as the ral beauty.

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