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Future Fashion !


The beauty of historical tiles in old schools and libraries informs this banded Fair Isle theme, with simple motifs worked in classic wool and cashmere yarns. Application: fine- to heavy-gauge accessories, tops, sweaters, dresses, separates, outerwear.

Mostly geometric tiles pattern made on jacquard fabric which shows simple aesthetic beauty. Colours such as blue, brown and mostly earthy colours worn in cardigans and sweaters. These high knit jacquard patterns connects you to the time of history with such a subtle look. To complete a cook opt geek glasses with high waist pants and a bit of layering.


A smart approach informs collegiate stripes, retro geometrics,Traditional Fair Isles and smart-but-cozy tweeds, which looks complete come in warm, classic shades.

Conclusion-These geometric jacquard patterns are going to be in trend this winter, So be prepared to have some designs.


Winter is the season of sweaters and coats and jackets, and here yet again in 2017-18 winter we have a combination of new designs with a patterns of old school times. Which are not only pleasing but also minimilistic.

The jacquared patterns are always a flood in the market in the winter season when it comes to yarn patterns.

Here the above given is the breif of one trend which can be followed alot in the wintr seoason, But with knits and jerseys alot can be done. Also the cable pattern on sweaters and jackets are always in the trend.

The best thing about the patterns are that the geometric

patterns makes you look bold and confident about your self. The patterns matters alot, so the strong geometric shapes defines well about your personality.

As observed in the ramp show of designer Joeseph in london fashion week, most designs had the same patterns which were tested with different colours and different geometric patterns as well.

So the everyday over all look can also have a minimilistic approach as the geometric patterns say too much itself.

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