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Six Yards Of Elegance !

We love simple sarees, Six Yards of Elegance!

Sarees are truly a blessing to Indian woman !They are so effortlessly elegant, so are the drapes which add richness to its overall look. A simple saree can be worn in different styles, a style which can be a fashion can be implemented in many effortless ways!Drapes carried out in your regular style can be an icon of style for fashion followers .

A twisted draped saree with a small bindi and a simple neckpiece along with kajal is love! And a little lipstick to it wont harm definitely just add a right shade and you will defintely slayyyyyy..

A simple saree can even be worn with everyone’s favourite tight fitting pants with a floral blouse... and you totally transition when a sexy n classy drape is added.

Also for this dandiya season , different styled sarees would definitely be the center of attraction.You can jazz up your look with oxidised jewelleries and little draperies! So embrace these styles in we promise you that itll fetch you all the ompliments !

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