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'Let thy makeup last longer!'- The Silisponge.

Everyone have their favorite makeup products let is be foundation, bronzer etc. But the real struggle starts when the make up brushed and blenders soak up most of the product.

But fear not, the perfect solution for makeup junkies are here. This heavenly product is the silisponge.It resembles a silicone implant or chicken cutlet, but man, does it get the job done.

What is a silisponge?

The SiliSponge is a silicone-based beauty applicator that will help you blend your makeup until it looks picture-perfect and smooth. Since it isn't sponge- or hair-based like many other beauty tools, it won't absorb the foundation you're trying to apply. The inner material is made from silicone and the outer shell is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)—a flexible plastic that's resistant to oil and grease.

Silisponges have many advantages :-

1.Use half the amount of product: the amount of foundation used is half as it does not soak any product and nothing get wasted.

2.Reaches every nook and corner of the face: thanks to its shape and design its is able to reach those forgotten places of the faces as well like the side of the nose and eyelids.

3.Feels great on the face : with its thermoplastic outer layer it feels very smooth and glides over the face.

4.Small and easy to travel with: it easily fits on the palm of the hand and comes with a pouch hence making travel easzy-pezy.

5.Not expensive: it is easily available on starting at Rs. 200/-

6.No water usage: no need for pre makeup preparations required. As no water is need during application , it is required only for washing.