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7 Reasons Why Brown is your new CROWN !

We see a change in trend every now and then. Sometimes there is a playback of the oldies hitting the shores of the snazzy banks, and some days Met Gala introduces us to the surreal yet commendable art of fashion. From Chokers to turtlenecks of the 90’s coming back, to the orange lipstick and feather-brows that didn’t quite stay for too long in the run, we’ve seen it all.

It’s a little more than mid 2017 and it’s time to move over Black as the saviour on your “I have nothing to wear” days. Let’s just agree with the fact, monochrome hasn’t got the bliss to make ‘em quiver. The haute couture holding the reins these days is what we are going to talk about today because there are 7 different ways you can steal the show with it.

1. The lipstick shade goes with every excuse!

The shades of brown on your palette: nude, beige, nutmeg, cocoa or wood, they’ve all got their own kind of blaze to stage a vogue holocaust. Smokey eyes and nude lips or may be winged liner and bigger lashes to suit your lustrous bold brown choice. Either way, it can give you a everyday light and real feel or a cat-woman clairvoyant vibe.

2. Brunette are all the more sexy!

Hair is what makes a lady more feminine is what we often hear. The right hair colour will redefine your entire personality. Your skin tone may be tan or ivory fair, brown hair suits every skin type and hair type; curls, waves or straight.

3. Helps you clad classy.

Trust me, a brown turtleneck top and a high waist black pegged skirt, hit the office with this finesse or go grab a cup of coffee with that special someone. Wanna go shopping? Chug in a pint of beer? This genius look is gonna go with you. Brown justifies dresses, skirts, gowns, even stockings!

4. Bags be neutral to what you wear.

You needn’t worry about the stuff you want to take along especially about where to put them. The best feature of brown bags is that they are brown! They carry the sophistication of seeming leather-ly beauties. And if there’s anything more high-toned than a leather bag, it’s pashmina and that won’t help you carry a chihuahua.

5. Shoes will love you back

Black and beige go with almost everything. Agreed. Brown goes with everything with no exceptions. Now you agree! One ugly truth: brown footwear are of varied designs and the right one goes with one outfit but you’d shy away to pair it with the other styles. One beloved truth: Brown footwear match Indian skin tone and therefore go with anything.

6. Brown jewellery will be your new bestfriend.

Because brown has a neutral look, it matches with every color. It adds definition to your clothing. Bigger earrings or stone studded ones won’t accentuate themselves and rather look subtle. Your neckpiece can play up if your outfit isn’t doing the talking.

7. They rock in all seasons

If you aren’t a season’s collection kind of trend setter, this is a good news. Brown is considered vintage and therefore you can carry it off any day, sunshine or night life. Summers point up skirts and tube tops while winters emphasize on boots and jackets. A brown party dress or an elegant gown for his big day. Plunge in, don’t shy. There’s a lot more you can do with brown. Go brown, head for the crown.