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The 3 F's trendy season-Flares, Feathers and Fringes !

Let it be the Lakme fashion week or the Milan fashion week, the 3 F's trend has blown us away right from the start of this year. Rejuvenating western culture in Indian couture has always been experimented but this time the designers seemed a step ahead,walking hand in hand along international couture.

@urvashijoneja flared dress at the Lakme fashion week, the designer has been a trend setter , leaving us in awe with her collection.


@nadinedhody at delhi ,bridal asia feather dress. Designer chooses route thats trendy.


@gigihadid at Milan fashion week, yes of course a style icon forever.


@kamalicouture contemporary tops elegantly gearing up flare and fringe beauty.


@manishmalhotra White fringe bag that can be carried with and dress above.

Stay tuned for the 3C's trend of this season...!!!

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