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Indian wear with a casual touch !

For an Indian woman it is normal to struggle with casual wear for any place you intend to go..You can still look chick with all these tricks and have the same effect that western wear would have ! These style ideas will help you rock your bad days too!

 Prefer plain cloths with excellent colour choice. This trick always works when you know which colour suits you the most. Wearing a casual cotton Kurta paired with a ankle length leggings either plain or printed is always trendy and comfortable to wear. With this outfit, you could go to five different places without much thought on your outfit.

 Torn jeans are now worn by everyone. This has become a more casual and obvious look. Pairing it with a simple white top or short length Kurta is best formal day-to- day outfit. To make this look classy, you can always add stilettos. The charm you carry with them is tremendous.

 Long Kurta with a cut paired with ripped jeans makes you swing your body. The comfort and casual postures you can have with long kurtas makes you free. This look is suitable for parties as the colour combination is classy. With plain colours most of the look can come from make up and other essentials, if desired.

 Frocks, either long frocks or short frocks, they are always adorable. Frocks with a different cut either u-shaped or v-shaped can be preferred for any situation. They are paired with leggings. Some short frocks are also paired with jeans, preferably torn jeans. Shorts best suit when the frock is small.


However simple or clumsy your look might be being yourself is the best trend anyone can follow. With extra efforts on understanding suitable outfits for your personality boosts your energy like never before. rying out new styles, following New trends and making new creations are few ways to overcome outfit disasters!