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Vintage Fashion has made a dramatic comeback !

Who would not like to be fashionable? Being fashionable is the ‘it’ thing in the modern world. Fashion is one of the most talked about topic of all times. But there are certain moments in fashion when some dressing elements become so popular that you can see everybody wearing those items.

This is known as a trend. Fashion trends change after every short period of time. A fashion trend of the recent time would be the vintage fashion wear.

Vintage clothes have started selling as hot cakes in the market. It has affected the fashion sense of the people so much that you can see the people wearing embroidered jackets, tops with poofy sleeves and retro denim pants.

Vintage fashion has made a very dramatic comeback to the fashion market, so much so that the fashion designers are also making their new collection based on vintage fashion. For example, the designs of Yves Saint Laurent, James Galanos and Paco Rabanne.

We can also take the example of Sabyasachi. He is mainly associated with bridal wear but this time in his latest couture collection known as Firdaus, he displayed vintage bridal wear with a modern twist. Recent vintage fashion trend include embroidery, robes and slippers, sleeves like bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves etc, vintage inspired denims and band T-shirts.

Vintage fashion is a market which shows no intentions of slowing down. Retro fashion trends are an exciting break from the rather predictive red carpet looks. It is so aesthetically beautiful to see people mixing vintage and contemporary fashion to create their own personal style. That’s exactly what fashion about – to create your own look by blending in with the trends. But looking at the recent vintage trend, looks like it’s time to go vintage in our dressing sense.

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