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Wardrobe transitions are rather pleasing. Nothing more than looking different and looking GOOD different makes us happy. It boosts our self confidence to be able to adapt any trend or style and just pull it off so effortlessly. We all have our inhibitions. But its on us if we would like to fight and overcome them or just let them take over. And any fashion lover or a stylist or a fashion blogger believes it’s important to be as versatile as possible.

This is Street Style fashion that we're bringing to you. Recently the denim on denim trend has been a favorite to a lot of girls.Even if its not your #1 favorite but you surely won't mind putting it on occasionally.

An over sized Off shoulder Top with this really pretty kinda neckpiece can never go wrong! It looks very chic and cute and guess what? You can get this one for just 200-250 bucks from Bandra (Mumbai)! That’s pretty cheap for such a beautiful thing even from a street market. It can be paired up with denim blue rugged jeans but shopping jeans from street market isn't the best idea always so you can pick one from a good budget store.

To add a little more edge and make it look more playful and colourful you can add a gorgeous ring or a nice flattering accessory of your own choice like a chunky neck piece shown below !

And HERE YOU GO! A brand new look for you lovelies which is supper affordable and trendy at the same time! So next time when you are broke don't be low you still can slay a stylish look by shopping from your local or street market places ! This is just one look idea you can keep exploring the streets and come up with new styles and make a statement even in the most afordable clothes and accessories !