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4 fashion accessories that are driving girls crazy in 2k17 !

2017 is a good year for fashion. From so many styles to choose from like minimalist, denim, etc. To make the most of it, I think everyone should have all of these accessories:

1)John Lennon style Round Sunglasses

This style, mainly popularized by John Lennon, and widely acclaimed back in the 70s, made a comeback and is every fashion blogger's favorite. It is a fashionable add on to any stylish outfit.

​3)Cute Backpacks

It is necessary to carry your essentials everywhere you go like SPF, moisturizer, lip balm, hairbrush etc. What is a better way to do it than carrying a cute backpack? These backpacks can be found online and in stores like Forever 21, etc

4)Back Jewelry

This minimalist style is getting huge nowadays as it goes perfectly with lower back dresses. It will accessorize your body as well as work as jewelry. Killing two birds with a bullet.


Chokers can go a long way. You can pair them along with short dresses, a maxi, simple jeans and a top or even a skirt.They are easily available nowadays in any fashion store and it also very easy to make. You can find thousands of tutorials online on how to make one of these.

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