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What to Wear on your First Date?

Single and all set to ready to mingle, time to go for your first date? We understand that you have so many questions as well as nervousness is running in your mind and it’s natural for a girl.

The first thing which comes to your to mind on a first date is to look perfect in front of your lovey-dovey. Girls always stuck in the dilemma that, how she should dress in her first date because it’s their special day.

So, now you don’t have to be worried at all because we are here to solve your entire dilemma.

Here, we are giving you some tips to dress up on your first date.

1. Casual Wear for a Coffee Date

All your attire depends on your date, if you are going for a simple and small coffee date, then you don’t have to do heavy and bright makeup. Opt for casuals; wear cool slim fit jeans and a nice simple yet elegant top. If you want to add some extra touch to your looks then go for a jacket, but always remember it goes well with the season. If it’s hot and humid season and you opt for a jacket then you will be in great trouble. Always wear what you are comfortable in. Dress according to the weather.

Makeup- Time to flaunt your beauty with a light touch ups. Always remember, don’t convert your face into a makeup box. Some girls think heavy makeup can woo her guy, but it’s not true. Be simple, be subtle! Apply light makeup according to your attire. An elegant lip color with light liner and kajal will make you look appealing.

Footwear- Time to choose right footwear, you can go with flats and you can also opt boots which will give you a classy look and will make you look perfect.

2. Ready to go for a Lunch Date

All set to go for a lunch date, but confused about your attire? Don’t worry here is a solution. Embrace your beauty and figure in a slim fit sleeveless dress. If you are little bulky and hesitate to wear slim fits then, you don’t have to worry, you can opt for knee length flared and flowy skirt with a body fit top or shirt.

Makeup- Always, be careful when you are opting for a makeup because a makeup can enhance your beauty or it can make you look like a joker. So, first think, what is the more appealing part of your face and highlight the most appealing part of your face. If you are focusing your eyes and using Smokey mascaras then don’t apply bright lipstick, always keep in mind; don’t apply dark makeup on your entire face. Go subtle and elegant.

Footwear- Wear silhouette it will definitely go well with your entire attire and enhance your entire apparel and beauty.

3. Prepare Yourself for a Dinner Date

Time to flaunt your beauty on your romantic dinner date; you can opt for LBD’s (little black dress) apart from black red color will also enhance your beauty. Go for one color dress and add a long chain as your accessory. You can also opt for long gowns which will give you an elegant look.

Makeup- Apply a darker shade of lipstick which suits your complexion and gives light makeup to your eyes with untied hair, which will give you a different yet classy look.

Footwear- With LBD’s you can opt for ankle length boots or strap sandals and with a gown, you can opt for a silhouette.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start preparing for your first date as it is your most special day.

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