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The Fashionist Duo - 2017 !

2017 is the era of redefining the bold, yet confident look that every women aspires to be. Lately we've seen the everlasting trend of croptops everywhere, be it elite couture or street fashion but 2017 takes this trend to yet another level creating a sassy and chic look with very minimal effort.

While Croptops made their entry into the fashion world with a bang, it gradually became a timeless trend. They're one of those fashion items that gets more and more elaborate year after year with more variations than you can even imagine.

We're going crazy over matching sets that make a rather charming duo.Literally, everybody wants them these days. It's basically the skirts, shirts or pants that go hand in hand with the croptop, creating a slight break to the boring single piece outfit.

The amazing thing about a shade like yellow is that it never fails to add vibrance and a little zing to your entire ensemble. So, when we came across this mustard yellow duo it was love at first sight. It's a perfect example of the matching set duo making a style statement like no other. This fashionist duo is a perfect example of the amalgamation of fashion in its bold yet simple form.

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