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Colors that are trending this season..

Colors have been a part and parcel of our lives since ages, the refreshing green of the nature or piety of orange, the endless blue of the sky or red of the rose, spirituality of vermillion to ochre of a roaring lion, the hues have developed itself into tints, shades and tones making it an infinite palette to choose from. Colors are essential to mould our daily lives, it can switch your moods in minutes and can brighten up your day in seconds. Its that miraculous potion, present in the attires you wear or surrounding of your living, up above you look or down beneath any limits, on the tip of nail to bottom of your heart, every emotion, every feeling concludes itself in beautiful colors. Fashion and color go hand in hand and creates a magnificent melange of art be it in garments, accessories, footwear, and so on. Colors have traveled a long journey from black and white through vintage to brights and warm through pastels through their combination of magic in this century.

Talking about colors of fashion, this year has brought into some unexpectedly good looking trends to explore for the mass. Expert designers of our country surely knows how to color the country and make it in vogue for all. Today, in this blog you will get to know about experimental yet trendy color schemes which can make day to night looks exciting and the way you want: completely in vogue.

PINK: Every girl's favorite !

50 shades of pink have trend of this season,with a huge range of interesting color combinations and styling ways, pink has paved the way to become the queen of color this season. Fuchsia, soft, pastel,hot, baby with names uncountable and tones unbelievable pink has a unique feel of its own, it has a tinge of warmth and also cool breezy sense, a bit of playfulness and a drop of sophistication. You can style your pinks in formal wear for work place, picnic or date nights or a casual day out, it can make you look perfect for every occasion.

BLACK: Black can never go out of Style !

Black is the new day color is something unheard of. Black has been a significant color of the century and color of nights like reception nights or maybe a night at a pub. It is known for its sophistication, sensuality and royalty. For your day out you can style your little black dress with checkered shirt and classic sneakers with a handbag of your suitable type. For your occasions as well as evening wears you have endless options with black.

KHAKHI: New color in the trending list !

Last but not the least, Khaki is the hot color this season with its developing range across the country in every design label’s workplace or haute couture, retail stores to pret-a-porter to knockout markets, the fashion is all painted in tints and shades of the khaki. A color to salute, a color to respect, a color to honor and a color to make your look trendy for the day, it will upgrade your wardrobes with wide variety of accessories, garments and footwear. I have styled the khaki color by merging various range of its tints and shades pairing it with nudes and moving forward with the hot smokey eye make up look. This look outcasts your boring office outfits to a hint of attitude and sophistication, it also saves you from the confusion of clothes for your emergency party plans as all you need to do is remove the blazer and you are good to go, you’re sure to make heads turn with this look anywhere and everywhere.