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Revamp your wardrobe with the most chic and flattering, LINEN DUNGAREES !

Linen dungarees have been popping up lately and I thought it’s time someone mentioned them. They are so light and flowy; it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, which is the ultimate goal when it’s hot and sticky out. This season has seen a lot of linen dungarees on the street and in the stores. Following is just what I think of dungarees and how they can be worn :

Honestly, I feel like it needs to be said that dungarees need to be a mainstay item in every girl and every woman’s wardrobe. Dungarees are my ultimate lazy day outfit of choice. They’re cozy, flattering (promise) and hit that sweet spot between something cool enough to feel like you’re making an effort, and comfortable enough to slip on, even on a day when going to Nature’s Basket feels like an adventure.

You can wear them with a sports bra underneath for maximum comfort. They are perfect for a BBQ, or for a run to the grocery store, for work, in fact, pretty much all occasions. Linen dungarees also go best with basic crop tops and stripped tees. Off the shoulder tops have been everywhere this year, and you will love the way they immediately dress up a pair of casual denim dungarees; so just pair your favorite dungarees with an off-shoulder top for a chic street style. Some people also find it convenient to pair their dungarees with their comfortable and go-to bodysuits because why not.

The fashion gatekeepers of our culture says that women of a certain age/build/type/look should not be seen wearing certain items during certain times of the year/season/position of Mercury, and obviously that is such bullshit, because no one, no matter their gender, body type or age, should be shamed for wearing what makes them feel happy (unless we are talking about cultural appropriation, of course, which is ANOTHER DISCUSSION ENTIRELY).

This season, I urge all of you to start unpacking the junk that society has been feeding us since we were little kids so that we can discover what tastes are influenced by our actual opinions and what tastes have simply been learned and undisputed.