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Double your Style Quotient with Double Denims !

Come what may, denims can never be out of vogue!

But here’s a treat to denim aficionados, 2017 brings back the trend of double denims.

Denim up, denim down, the world could not have been a better place! Here are different ways to adorn double denims-

1. Matching denims- Pairing up the same colors of denims could be completely awesome!

From left to right: Dior, Calvin Klein Collection and Stella McCartney.

2. The contrast but complementing shades of Denims- Here are the opposites, which are so made for each other.

Miranda Kerr sporting a contrast colored double-denim look. Image credits:

3. Over sized denim shirt with sexy skinny jeans: Oh so hippy!

4. Ripped/washed Denim jeans and shirt with folded sleeves: If you’re the bad girl, show it to the world!

5. Play with the Denim jacket: Add that X-factor to your look by adorning that denim jacket!

6. Experiment with that shirt: Don a cut shoulder or an embellished shirt with those denim jeans and go rock the world with your look.

7. For Him: Double denims are not restricted just for the women, men too pull it off wonderfully.

8. White denims: Because whites never fade out of fashion!

But before you go out flaunting your Double denims, here are a few rules for you-

Do not over accessorize- Your denims are too sexy to bear with already, do not overdo by adding too many accessories.

Denim accessories are a sure no no! –Too much denim is something which sure must be avoided.

Don’t restrict yourself to denim jeans- A fitted denim skirt, dungarees or denim shorts might be all what you ever needed!