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Trendy, Stylish, Affordable: EMBROIDERY Hits The Market This Season !

Embroidery has everyone’s heads turning this season! Not only can it make any of your regular outfit come to life but also add those needed extra points to up your style game. As effortless as it looks it won’t cost you a fortune to incorporate some pieces into your wardrobe!

Recognized for its beauty it can add to the outfit, this trend can be worn not only for day to day or work purposes but can also would look incredibly gorgeous for the night when paired with the perfect accessories.

Some of our favorite celebrities show us how sleek and effortless is the trend. Starting from Jennifer Laurence, Jlo to our very own bollywood diva Alia bhatt all have slayed the trend.

Embroidered patches on clothes back from the 90’s is a fun and quirky which truly helps on express their personality through clothing and in a true sense sets you apart from the crowd.

Accessories, hasn’t escaped the trend either. From gorgeous handbags to stunning footwear embroidery has added a different edge to the world of accessories. Easy to play around with embroidered accessories glam up any regular outfit to another level.

So, its everywhere from perfect dresses to the stunning accessories. So this season get your hands on the beautiful embroiderer clothing and feel beautiful!

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