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'Girls Rule THE World'.Well...Atleast the FASHION WORLD....Top rated celeb inspired styles t

We all know how fashion changes now and then. You always need to throw outdated trends out of your closet and make some room for the new ones. Are you confused about what to make room for? Don't worry my ladies, we've got your back covered.

So today we're going to talk about 5 fashion trends that are literally all over the world right now. From Kylie to Rihanna everyone is following them.

1. Lace up pants:

Aren't we all tired of same old pants and leggings already? It's time to step the game and lace up just more than our shoes. The lace adds hotness to our daily boring pants, what else can we ask for? It creates the right amount of drama to your outfit. From runway to street fashion, these pants are winning hearts everywhere. We can see every fashion icon crushing on this new trend.

Here's a picture of Kim kardashian rocking the lace up pants.....

2. Joggers:

Since we're talking about next level pants how can we forget mentioning joggers? Fashion industry is now coming up with comfortable trends. We are ditching the idea of super tight pants which wouldn't let our skin breathe. It's now more about being comfortable in what your wear and yet look stylish. The kardashians are absolutely rocking this trend. Joggers have become every fashion lovers' best friend.

Here's a picture of Kylie Jenner giving new definition to jogger pants...

3. Bedazzle everything:

Cause we women love the glam. Yes you guessed it right, we're talking about crystals here. The bedazzle game is on next level now. It has recently come into fashion and you can see crystals everywhere. Be it shoes, dresses or even chokers we're adding crystals to all of them. We have seen almost every celebrity rocking the crystal dress at the red carpet. Now can we see the sparkle in our shoes, bags and every other fashion item that we own.

Can we ever get over this beautiful crystal dress?

4. The magic of sheer:

Sheer Sheer Sheer! It's all over the place, from dresses to socks and from stockings to tops. It is one of the hottest trends right now. It's one thing that instantly adds elegance and sexiness to the simplest outfit you can think of. It's a way of showing skin but in a very elegant way which makes you look so classy. 2017 Red carpets have seen a lot sheer in form of tops, skirts and dresses. From Victoria Beckham to Gigi Hadid, we've seen every stylish star rocking some sheer.

Gigi Hadid is doing absolute justice to this trend...

5. Satin delicacy:

Satin is said to be the close relative of silk. If that's right then we absolutely love silks' cousin. It's shiny, bright and glossy which makes you feel like a goddess when it's wrapped around your skin. What we love about satin is that it's so effortless. You just put it on and you're good to go. The extra delicacy makes it more interesting to wear. The material speaks for itself, maybe that's why celebrity seem flattered by satin and can't stop wearing it.

Rihanna is defining elegance in this grey satin dress....